Great Post on Mixing Music

Mixing Music

Hey, I’m back again!!

So you know that I like to post some of my own tips but I also like to share stuff when I find it.  And today I found a gem.

I was looking around on the Modern Mixing site and saw a very very interesting post on how to mix music for beginners.  I mean, I’m not a begnineer myself but I understand that I have a lot of room to grow.

This post was absolutely eye opening for me even with my 2 years of experience.  I think I learned more in that post that I did in all of the time I spent researching the last year.  So if you have a minute, I suggest checking it out.

What are Some Things Covered?

Anything from session organization to color coding tracks was covered.

He also talks about simple things like the balance and listening to the rough which are really important when you are trying to mix a song.  Especially the balance because ultimately that is the song in a nutshell.

More Than Just a Post

But more than just that one post on mixing music, Modern Mixing is a great information site run by a really cool guy.  I mean he even worked hard on a trap drum kit and then gave away some of the samples for FREE.  Like who does that?  Seriously nice guy.

There are also a tonne of post on that site that have to do with general mixing strategies, articles, tutorials and he also does interviews with some top notch engineers.

Here’s a cool video he did with another engineer on mixing vocals